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Pt. 1 Picked to the Bone, making sketches and learnin’

I’ve had this painting in my minds eye for a while. It’s a large size oil and it contains subjects and techniques I am not completely familiar with. Because of this the painting has sat there in my mind and grown instead of fading away. It now wants to be a series. But I don’t have the skills yet. I guess it’s time to start researching, sketching and practicing! This is going to be a journey.

…And it started at Pinterest. My favorite of the various social media sites. Mostly because it’s made up of pictures and I love pictures! The painting series I envision has skeletal bits, portraits, birds and landscapes. So these are the things I looked for.

My next step was to paint! Only one way to learn a painting technique and that’s to do it … and do it… and do it again until it works.

Here are some of my sketches:


birds watercolor sketch

I’ve also been creating little stand alone paintings but using the themes I have in mind for the larger oil paintings. While I paint I have many thoughts passing through my brain. On my mind lately are people who are in my life. The kinds of people who are here and the kinds I want to be with me. Sometimes I just feel like I’m being slowly drained and these types of people always seem so nice at first. I feel like they are little birds picking me to the bone. I’m also concentrating a lot on the technical difficulty in the subjects I’ve chosen. The skull and skeleton is complex but I’m not looking for exact reproduction. Decisions have to be made on what to highlight and what to leave out.

Here are some of the small scale stand alone paintings.  The two bottom ones are representations of the heart and root chakras. Stay posted for all of the chakra’s represented in drawings.
I’m really happy with how the bird and skull painting came out. I call it “Looking for Leftovers” and it as the exact ambiance I’m going for. It really feels like a win!
Looking For Left Overs Bird Skull Watercolor Painting Skull Watercolor Sketch

Heart Chakra Butterfly Skeleton Art Drawing Root Chakra Skeleton Bones Flower Art Drawing

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Inspiration Pinterest Board

Inspiration comes to me in many forms but once it strikes I sometimes use Pinterest as a tool to keep it alive. I’m not a huge social media buff mostly because I lose patience. However, I have found Pinterest to be a little more my cup of tea. Lately, I have been thinking about bones, foxes, birds, octopuses and branches. You can see this reflected in my Art Inspiration Board. Still nothing beats going out and studying what inspires you in person too. I’m planning a trip to the zoo and museums.

Check out my board here:


Watercolor and birds

Experimenting with watercolor painting and birds.

It looks like this is the Summer of watercolor for me! It’s really surprising since I always had a little prejudice against watercolor, imagining ruffly doilies and pink roses and other old lady things (much appologies to ladies who do like those things, its just not my cuppa tea). It turns out there is a lot of interesting layers, textures and fun to be had with negative space! My latest experimentation has been with birds.

Here is a little gallery of a chickadee coming together:

20140911_141659 20140911_144828 20140911_150144 20140911_155436


And…. If you want to see the other bird watercolor paintings I did you can click on the image below or this link to see them on my Etsy page! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Krislyndillard


Practice w/ gouache, painting my singing bowl

I love shiny things… particularly to paint. They make such interesting reflections and layers. Last weekend I decided I needed exercise my art muscle and paint a simple still life. So I turned Star Trek OG on Netflix and got to painting my singing bowl. It should be noted that this bowl is not perfectly round at all and is made of molded then beaten metal. The point of the bowl is to make a clear and perfect note. This one is a “C” note. I thought getting an ellipse right was hard but an uneven ellipse is even more challenging. Here is the process from beginning to final product plus a photo of the bowl itself (from a slightly different angle). Enjoy.