Painting ‘Moon’ Companion to ‘Sun’ Pt. 1

A while back I finished the painting Sun. An oil on linen stretched canvas painting. When I made the canvas for this painting I made two identical canvases always intending to create a companion painting to Sun. Sometimes things take a little longer then we anticipate. In this case I had to repairs that badly needed doing to the art studio. The repairs are complete the studio is cleaned and reorganized and now FINALLY I am back in there painting away. It feel like a brand new art space!

This is one of two or three blog entries detailing the process of ‘Moon’ Enjoy!

IMG_0359 Here is the blank canvas. 24″ x 24″ gessoed and ready to go!
moon-start The first lean layer laid down giving me a general idea of my layout.

20150205_214227 Here is how far I got last night after a solid 5 hours painting!

20150205_200532 A quick snapshot of the different media I use during the painting process. Not all are always used in each painting.

Stay tuned for part 2 soon!

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It’s Been a While…

My messy studio with two canvases ready to go.

The transition for me from Winter into Spring has been a busy one. Unfortunately that meant something had to be neglected and in this case it was my little blog. However, I am back! And I am starting a new set of paintings, or rather continuing a previously started series with a couple of repurposed canvases. I spent the last couple days gessoing… sanding and gessoing again. Today I laid down the bottom layer of color on each. I don’t always do this, but I thought what the heck! Besides it will help me to focus on the new paintings I want to produce and forget the old ones that were once on the canvases. I have one 3′ x 4′ and one 2′ x 4′.

The series I will be continuing is my Contrasts series. Stay tuned for an announcement on show dates and space for this series!

It’s not always easy pt. 2

I was finally able to steal a day for working on this painting. I did as I said and moved the clouds forward into the middle ground. Also, I broke up the tree line hoping to make them less clumsy looking. I think thus far the strategy is working nicely. I want to continue to work with the trees maybe building a little more contrast into them and into the smoke.

Particularly these two areas need work. I want to move more of the cream/brownish tone from the center into the large smoke shape on the right.  Also, something has to happen about those trees.  At the same time I want to start thinking about the lower horizontal field area. I think it has a good start with layering but something more needs to be going on there.

Here is hoping that my next post on this will be soon and a completion of this painting.