Ink Drawings on Brown Paper

Sea_TurtleFor about two years now I have been enjoying the use of my Steadler pens on a small square Bee paper drawing pad. They are small enough to take with me everywhere! My studio literally becomes where ever I am. I have used this flexibility of space as a means to bring more flexibility into my drawings. Where once my drawing skills were basically a means to an end to work out ideas for paintings they have now evolved coming into their own.

Here are some images of the drawings and some of me in various places creating the drawings. What a ride and its not over yet!

All of these drawings and more to come are in my etsy store Krislyninobscura. I have originals and prints. Check it out!

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Playing with New Media … White Paint Pen!

IrisI recently was introduced to this nifty medium by an illustrator friend of mine. I love to sit around drawing all the time… I am never bored when waiting for things! My usual media for this is ball point pens my husband brings home for me from work and Steadler pens. I have a white Strathmore sketch pad and a lined notebook. I saw the images my talented friend made with his paint pen and fell in love… with the pen that is. I ordered it on Dick Blick: a Sakura Pen Touch white paint pen and a Bee Paper (made local!) recycled brown paper drawing pad. Here is my first drawing, learning how to use the pen. My irises were in bloom so I chose one of them as my subject.








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