Sneak Peek of My New Direction

Just a quickie post today. I have had my nose to the grind stone painting up a storm! Here are some snap shots of where I am going. The name “Animal Head” keeps playing in my head as I paint. I’m thinking a series my happen!

Enjoy! And keep a look out for more!

20141204_172213[2]      20141218_143047[1]


Highlights from Contrasts opening @ Deep Field Gallery

Here are some pictures from my recent art opening at Deep Field Gallery in Portland’s Pearl District. Enjoy!

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“Tipping Point” Completed

This morning was partly cloudy which made it the perfect lighting to take a picture of my recent completed painting. The weather forecast called for it to burn off by 11 so I got my butt out there and got some nice shots. Even taking a picture of a 4 foot by 8foot painting can be work. The size of this canvas made it a challenge to work on. I had to paint it in my garage, which was stifling and has a concrete floor. That wasn’t the worst part; I thought I had pretty good lighting in there with the shop lights. I was wrong. Still here it is complete and ready to be taken up to Portland with my other paintings for the show at Deep Field Gallery.

I am particularly happy with the wine glass and the yellow area.

Getting to work on “Over Flow”

I mentioned in a previous post my current project Over flow I have made at least five different sketches for this painting, each one evolving the concept further. I am glad to finally get started on the final version. It is being painted on a 2′ x 4′ canvas. I prefer to paint on linen when I can which is what I made this canvas with. So far its going pretty well. It’s hard to share the beginnings of a painting because there isn’t much to see yet and I know its going to completely change as the painting progresses. Yet, a good friend of my suggested that I do just that. So here it is along with some of the sketches.

I am pretty happy with the vertical layout and the preliminary color blocking. Of course, that’s about all that is there right now. Once I moved to the larger scale I decided to reduce the size of the still life items making them less central to the overall image. I expanded the spilling tea on the foreground and incorporated more of the abstract falling water like shapes more into the overall image. My plan is to do more color experimenting on this painting so I am trying to give myself lots of opportunity for that.

Hopefully I will get another painting session in before the 19th when I will be leaving the country for 9 days. Also, I am starting sketches on a painting I will be working on simultaneously with this one called Oil spill. More to come on that painting soon.

Sketch it out

Usually when I get struck with an idea for a painting I have a general mental image of what I want. Yet, when I go to paint it out generally the details start to bog down the whole and I can get very caught up in solving those issues to the detriment of the entire piece. A winning solution I came up to deal with these issues is making a rough sketch before I put brush to canvas. I will often use ball point pen on paper, colored pen on paper or gouache on paper. Some of these have evolved past rough sketch and others seem stopped halfway through because I decided it was time to move full scale.

Here are some sketches I made of recent paintings. If you compare them to the originals you can see where I changed my mind about ideas or completely repeated the sketch:

Sometimes I make sketches based on images I want to use and incorporate in the future. It’s good practice for my painting skills as well as for learning how different surfaces or places react with light or color. Here are some I have been working on while thinking about my current series “contrasts”

I put that last ‘wine glass’ in there to show how badly wrong a sketch can go, but you can still pull something from it that you might like. In this case I liked the crisscrossing light and the dark contrasting with the white. However, the glass itself looks like its been super heated and melted a bit! The first two are only two out of five sketches I did for “Over Flow” the current oil painting I am working on. It’s gone from a plastic bottle to a tea kettle and from square to a tall orientation. My next post will be about Over flow as I progress through the painting.

It’s Been a While…

My messy studio with two canvases ready to go.

The transition for me from Winter into Spring has been a busy one. Unfortunately that meant something had to be neglected and in this case it was my little blog. However, I am back! And I am starting a new set of paintings, or rather continuing a previously started series with a couple of repurposed canvases. I spent the last couple days gessoing… sanding and gessoing again. Today I laid down the bottom layer of color on each. I don’t always do this, but I thought what the heck! Besides it will help me to focus on the new paintings I want to produce and forget the old ones that were once on the canvases. I have one 3′ x 4′ and one 2′ x 4′.

The series I will be continuing is my Contrasts series. Stay tuned for an announcement on show dates and space for this series!

It’s not always easy pt. 2

I was finally able to steal a day for working on this painting. I did as I said and moved the clouds forward into the middle ground. Also, I broke up the tree line hoping to make them less clumsy looking. I think thus far the strategy is working nicely. I want to continue to work with the trees maybe building a little more contrast into them and into the smoke.

Particularly these two areas need work. I want to move more of the cream/brownish tone from the center into the large smoke shape on the right.  Also, something has to happen about those trees.  At the same time I want to start thinking about the lower horizontal field area. I think it has a good start with layering but something more needs to be going on there.

Here is hoping that my next post on this will be soon and a completion of this painting.