Work Your Art Blog Interview

I’ve got a lot planned for these next few weeks. I am diligently working on my artist statement, my artist bio and reworking my artist CV. I also have a very complicated painting planned where I will need to do some research. Think eagles, ribs and skulls. In the meantime check out this interview by the Work Your Art Blog. They asked me a number of questions regarding being an artist and marketing for artists.


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Painting Foxes

My exploration of watercolor painting continues with foxes. In addition to exploring paint I’m also really enjoying making art about animals. The fox really draws me in personally. They are small but fierce. Foxes are small,wild hunters that can survive in some pretty harsh conditions. They also seem like they might be the cuddliest of creatures. Enjoy the results of my explorations:

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©Krislyn Dillard 2015

Practice with the Human Form

Lately, I have been more interested in using the human form in my art. I am not really sure why as of yet but hey I go with it. When the muse speaks I listen. In light of that, I decided I could use a little practice for I have grown rather rusty! Thanks to an old high school buddy Izzy who posted a very cool youtube video I was able to use the internet to further my painting ambition.

Enjoy the fruits of my labor! Oh yeah, I’m not much for pencil or charcoal, these were done with gouache. These were all about 30 minutes except the last one which was more like 45. Stay tuned for a much longer drawing!




Here is the Youtube site for those of you who want to give it a try yourself:

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Oil Spill an Oil Painting on Linen

The painting is of an abstract back ground with a hyper two point perspective still life of a cooking oil bottle spilling out onto a napkin. The spill is great and overflows the napkins.

Oil_spillI have this 3 foot by 4 foot painting hanging in a prominent place in my living room. After my show “Contrasts” last year the painting was placed in storage at my parents house. The logistics on moving large paintings of which there was a few of in that show, is challenging to say the least. Particularly without damaging the art. The painting was returned to me a few months ago and I have been enjoying it all over again. It is definitely one of my favorites.

The painting is of an abstract back ground with a hyper two point perspective still life of a cooking oil bottle spilling out onto a napkin. The spill is great and overflows the napkins. When I painted this it was soon after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. A disaster that is still seeing tragic consequences. The whole Contrasts series I am trying to play on words and images. These images and words attempt to take the modern and juxtapose with the traditional. In this case traditional cooking and what it was to ‘spill oil’ even a hundred years ago and comparing to the tragedy of an oil spill in modern terms. The oil overflows the table and the weak attempts of a napkin to stop the mess even as the oil continues to pour from the bottle. I hoped to heighten the tension with the exaggerated two point perspective and the colors, abstract shapes and forms of the background contrast with the realism of the still life.

This painting is for sale as the original or a more affordable print here at Saatchi online:

I enjoy looking at it but will enjoy it finding a new home where it is appreciated even more. Also, there is the added bonus of freeing up wall space so I can create another painting! Here is a little post I did while I was painting this piece of art. I think its interesting to see the in-progress images:


Practice w/ gouache, painting my singing bowl

I love shiny things… particularly to paint. They make such interesting reflections and layers. Last weekend I decided I needed exercise my art muscle and paint a simple still life. So I turned Star Trek OG on Netflix and got to painting my singing bowl. It should be noted that this bowl is not perfectly round at all and is made of molded then beaten metal. The point of the bowl is to make a clear and perfect note. This one is a “C” note. I thought getting an ellipse right was hard but an uneven ellipse is even more challenging. Here is the process from beginning to final product plus a photo of the bowl itself (from a slightly different angle). Enjoy.


Highlights from Contrasts opening @ Deep Field Gallery

Here are some pictures from my recent art opening at Deep Field Gallery in Portland’s Pearl District. Enjoy!

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“Tipping Point” Completed

This morning was partly cloudy which made it the perfect lighting to take a picture of my recent completed painting. The weather forecast called for it to burn off by 11 so I got my butt out there and got some nice shots. Even taking a picture of a 4 foot by 8foot painting can be work. The size of this canvas made it a challenge to work on. I had to paint it in my garage, which was stifling and has a concrete floor. That wasn’t the worst part; I thought I had pretty good lighting in there with the shop lights. I was wrong. Still here it is complete and ready to be taken up to Portland with my other paintings for the show at Deep Field Gallery.

I am particularly happy with the wine glass and the yellow area.