Playing with New Media … White Paint Pen!

IrisI recently was introduced to this nifty medium by an illustrator friend of mine. I love to sit around drawing all the time… I am never bored when waiting for things! My usual media for this is ball point pens my husband brings home for me from work and Steadler pens. I have a white Strathmore sketch pad and a lined notebook. I saw the images my talented friend made with his paint pen and fell in love… with the pen that is. I ordered it on Dick Blick: a Sakura Pen Touch white paint pen and a Bee Paper (made local!) recycled brown paper drawing pad. Here is my first drawing, learning how to use the pen. My irises were in bloom so I chose one of them as my subject.








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7 thoughts on “Playing with New Media … White Paint Pen!”

  1. Looks great, Krislyn! Thanks for the tip–I am always looking for new tools for drawing white. BTW, yesterday I received a Zig Brushable Marker in my Art Snacks (a subscription) box in the mail. The Zig Brushable Marker is two different greens one on each end. (Too bad they didn’t send me white, but I like and use greens too). Plus the paper you mention is worth looking for as well even though I mostly sketch in my iPad these days, I still love and use lots of papers.

    1. A two sided pen sounds pretty cool. I will have to look those up. I have some steadler pens with a brush tip but I couldn’t really get them to work for me. I’ve been thinking about giving them another go.
      I know what you mean about white. I am still looking at other paint pens for different tips and opacity. They are a little pricey though so, one at a time. šŸ™‚

      1. OK, so I will give you the full name and description of the the ZIG–


        One tip is a true color pigment brush, while the lighter tip is a pigment tint brush.

      2. I just looked it up… those are some neat looking pens. I will have to wait a little while though because its $17 for 8 of them. I love the fine tip/ calligraphy looking one.

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