Know Thyself Pt.1

It has been a busy and a bit crazy autumn for me this year. A few things have changed with me including my perspective on being an artist.

I have been creating and showing art for a little over ten years now. The last two years I have been attending school to finish my art degree, taking advantage of the bad situation of being laid off to better myself. I have been taking all the core classes required for a state level university because the first time around in college I went to a private college. Recently, I have come up against a brick wall. Math. They want me to have college level algebra and they won’t let me just take the class. So long story short I would have to take another year at least of math classes to continue or somehow test up to algebra level ability.

The other challenge I have been facing is the reality that art just isn’t selling right now. It could be argued that people need to focus on paying their bills in this bad economy. It could be argued our culture just doesn’t appreciate art enough to actually pay for it. Arguments could be made that my art style isn’t popular. And arguments can be made that I am going about selling the wrong way. All those could be right and all those could be wrong, to a degree anyway. It doesn’t matter because the fact is: I’m not selling.

So in an attempt to better understand myself and what is going on with me and to understand where I want to go with my life I am starting a project. Drawing has always been pretty meditative for me. I don’t have to focus so much on what I am doing so my brain is allowed to wander. Perhaps, as I draw my portraits working to get to that point where I actually make an accurate representation of myself on paper I will find in myself an accurate revelation of who I am and what I really want to do. It should be noted that my skills have never lain in portraiture.

Here is my first attempt. They will all be ballpoint pen on paper drawn from photo.

Here is the original photo. Looks like I have a lot of practice to do.


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