Over Flow Completed!

Over Flow is complete! This one came very easily, perhaps because I had done so many sketches for it. Also likely because I had a nice start with the tea pot. Sometimes I feel like if I can just get my grip on the painting in one area and really know what I want there the rest will follow. This is what happened with this one. Usually I don’t do a lot of detail to begin with rather, I do an over all under painting and fill in as I go along. This time though, I was so excited to play with the reflections on the tea kettle that I just decided to go with it. I happy it worked out!

Here are some details on this painting:


2 thoughts on “Over Flow Completed!”

  1. May I compliment you for your amazing works of art? Can’t comment on all of them, but… They are astonishingly beautiful. The colors are primary and simple, but you can do so many things with them. Now that’s art.

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