It’s Not Always Easy pt. 3 -Completion-

Field Burning #1, Acrylic on linen, 24" x 36"

Well this painting was more of a journey then I expected when I started. I had the expectation that it would be a pretty simple piece that I could whip out in a few sessions. Mostly I thought this because I had such a detailed sketch already worked out.  It turns out that the layers involved with creating the depth I really wanted from the smoke took  a lot of time. Since the clouds are the whole reason I was inspired to work in this direction it was imperative I get them right. So in the end it was worth all the extra work. Still I am glad to finally be finished.

In my previous post I mentioned bringing the clouds forward, which I did. Also, I decided to add more of the cream, ocher and burnt sienna to the smoke. I did this in a semi-transparent glaze so the original crimson shows through just enough to evoke the hot burning of the field. I added a touch more thalo lightened with unbleached titanium in the sky and peaking through the smoke to contrast the warm tones. The horizontal of the field was darkened and flattened out giving the eye a solid grounding to contrast the ephemeral forms of smoke and trees. The small horizontal line just above the field is three dimensional. I added marble dust to the paint and layered it to the desired level. Since the line is so subtle I felt the pop in texture would work well with the otherwise smooth glaze of the rest of the painting.

Originally I intended this to just be the first in a series however, now I am not so sure. I have another series I am still working on which I just had another idea for, so maybe I will just let this painting percolate a bit on the wall and see what happens. In the mean time I have more canvases to build, another to deconstruct and rebuild and a few sketches to work out. Those of course will be for another post.

Here is the original sketch. It changed so much I might just have to do another painting.


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