It’s not always easy.. .

I know there is a misconception that making art is fun, easy or a hobby. I suppose that could be so for some people, but not for this girl. Earlier I wrote a post on research and another on exploring inspiration. Those are just two steps out of many I personally go through in my process. It takes ideas, research, inspiration, technique, dedication, time .. .okay the list goes on for a while. Still that being said it isn’t usually THIS hard.

This latest painting, shown to the right “in progress” is the first in a series I want to do on field burning. The sketch came out great, but once translated to paint is proving slow to metamorphosis into anything worthy of calling art. However, yesterday I might have had a break through. I decided the trees were way to clunky across the horizon and the layout too horizontal to really explore the interesting smoke cloud shapes. I spent all day working on the smoke, bringing it forward over the tree line and reducing the trees to more shadowy shapes.

Stay tuned for the next update and hopeful conclusion of this particular painting. I wonder if I am going to do a whole series after all.


5 thoughts on “It’s not always easy.. .”

  1. It’s looking really good so far. I think it definitely works to have smoke coming in front of the trees a bit, because they become a part of the scene. Otherwise it might be like watching something at a theater and seeing a row of people’s heads obscuring the bottom portion of what you’re watching.

  2. Art can be so many things to people, and thats the glory of it. My passion happens to be the medical field and for a stress relief and a way to express myself I decided to take up art for a “hobby.” This is therapeutic for me and since I possess little natural artistic ability this will have to stay a hobby.

    On the flip side art can be someones passion in life and or their career. I find this wonderful because art can create emotions and inspire people. I applaud your outlook on art and am looking forward to seeing your work. This current painting looks great and I am glad you shared it with us 🙂

  3. Krislyn, I can relate to how hard art can be. I try, but I don’t have the time needed to devote to developing this talent. I admire that you are making that time. Most of my family are artists and I see how much time and effort it requires of them.
    Don’t sell yourself short, though. I see that tendency in my family artists. Many times, they don’t feel their work is that good when, in fact, it is awesome. This painting you’re working on is such an example. Even in its infancy, I can see what you are working on achieving. It sounds to me like you are a perfectionist with your art. I can understand that because I’m the same way with my writing. I go over it and over it, making adjustments and corrections until I feel it is perfect. Unfortunately, some artists (and writers) never get around to submitting their work to the public because they never feel it is finished or acceptable for public viewing. Because of this, I really enjoy blogs by artists who, like you, are willing to share their works in progress. I look forward to an update after you’ve moved the clouds forward.

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