Researching pt. 2

I am taking another crack at my re-researching, this time employing some helpful suggestions left in the comments of my last post. Thank you Marie and Jen! Also, I am checking out the sources that I am using to do my research.

I thought I would first start back at the blog I found previously: and the person who wrote it. In addition to the article I read before relating to my topic I did a quick run down of the other articles posted. Mr. Rodriguez certainly seems fascinated by the Dutch Golden Age of Painting. He seems to have a laymen’s expertise on the topic. I base this on my own knowledge of the period from classroom education, museum visits and research. Still, he could have gathered the his information in the same way I did.  I looked a little closer for an about page to tell me more about him, but his interests seem to remain within painting and don’t extend to talking about himself.  What to do… well Google of course!

He has a website as a professional photographer and a Facebook profile which lists the Smithsonian as his place of work.  At about the point where I was checking out his Facebook profile I started to feel a bit like an on-line stalker. Though being an artist and working at the Smithsonian are both very proud professions, I decided he was not really the professional reference I was looking for. His blog is interesting and certainly a good place to start to get image references and an outside perspective. Still, I had to take it further.

Back to the on-line Lane Library Research Database for another crack at finding some relevant articles written by people with letters following their names. I am first attempting to retry the terms I have used before only adding ‘and’ between all the terms.  First up is Dutch and Painting. So far it seems I am getting lots of relevant hits however upon closer inspection this is not the case. After filtering out the book reviews and looking for academic articles I am left with: an article about a novel about dutch painting, an article detailing an art exhibit from 1984, an interesting article about American art in the Dutch Style (interesting yet irrelevant) another irrelevant article about dutch painting and religion. Okay, clearly I need to be more specific!

I am going to add ‘still life’ to my perimeters. More reviews (some of these books look great!), more irrelevant articles.. . maybe I should take a new approach for a while and come back to this.  Just this morning I read an article about a modern artist in the MoMA newsletter, perhaps there is something similar for other museums. I am going to try the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I am starting simple with a search of ‘still life’.

Wow! The first six results are still life images from the Dutch Golden Age. The images have a catalog entry detailing who painted it, what the painter generally did and what the painting was about. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go into much detail regarding symbols of the items or the general ideas of the period. I was hoping for a newsletter or blog written by professionals who work at the Met, this is more a catalog of what the Metropolitan has in its collection.

Finally, I am going to try Marie’s suggestion of looking up Glenn Brown. So far I am loving what I see! Though Brown is painting from images and ideas of bygone eras (including Dutch) he is using reproduced images to do so. I have found a few reviews of his work and shows and a gallery that represents him.  Searching his name and interview I hope to get some of his sources directly from him, perhaps then I could go from there.  Well, he goes into a lot of detail regarding what inspires him, what he is painting about and symbols in his art, however I can’t really find anything like a reference.

I have been going at this for a few days now and for many hours, I am sure I could put more hours into it. It is especially easy because the nature of what I am researching is so richly distracting. Maybe I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for in an on-line database, but I found some interesting if irrelevant articles and learned about another contemporary artist. Often the artistic process is similar to this researching quest I just found myself on. You start with an idea then journey through a landscape of more ideas and often end up in a totally different place then you expected. From a strictly scholarly perspective I suppose this wouldn’t do however from an artistic point of view it’s perfect!



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