Exploring Mondrian

Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow, Mondrian, 1930

About two years ago I decided I liked Piet Mondrian’s art so much that I wanted to explore his ideas with my own art making.  Like Mondrian I have always been fascinated with form and discovering what it means to find pure or true form. For Piet that meant increasingly moving towards a more geometric and flat  style of painting, not surprising given the period he painted in(1905 – 1944)  and the influences of that time.

For me I decided to explore the idea of using a limited pallet with strong vertical and horizontal lines, but in a more lose and organic fashion. I love paint as paint and allowing, within reason, to let the paint be what it is: a liquid being effected by gravity on paper/canvas/wood.  In this situation I used a nice thin %100 cotton paper and wet it all down with yellow gouache paint. This is a series of 9 paintings so I allowed myself to play a little with each one in a slightly different way. I added black and red drips and tilted the plane of the painting allowing the paint to fall yet controlling its decent ever so much. In this way I created the basic composition of the piece.

After the painting dried, I could further develop the composition by adding darker patches to the yellow spaces. Also, I added red, black or white hatch marks to some of the spaces with conte’. The geometric lines helped reground me to my original exploration of Mondrian’s ideas. The resulting series I feel is both strong and one of my favorite small size paintings I have made recently. I continue to be inspired by Mondrian and to use the ideas I developed and crystallized in this series in my other works. If you want to know more about this series please feel free to read my statement here: atiststatement_path2

Path of Least Resistance #1, Gouache & Conte' on paper, 2010
Path of Least Resistance #4, Gouache & Conte' on paper, 2010

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