I am an abstrac…

A little about myself…


I am an abstract oil, acrylic and gouache painter inspired by nature and the search for the perfect form. I am influenced by duality, light, water movement, myths and folktales. My origins from an suburbia middle class family leave me with a lack of connection to any one culture which I find gives me an outside-looking-in perspective. I am continually driven to learn more about the art and the history of our world as well as the motivations of different cultures and the similarities we all share.

Please feel free to check me out at my website or facebook.


6 thoughts on “I am an abstrac…”

  1. Very interesting! By chance are you an anthropology major..or plan on taking any anthropology courses? I graduated in 2003 with a BS in Biology ~ unfortunately I never had the time in my schedule to take an anthro class but always wanted to.

    1. I am an art student with a focus in painting. I have taken three anthropology classes at Lane. I especially liked World Archaeology with Margaret Helzer. It was a challenging on-line class, but really interesting.

  2. With your “outside looking in” attitude, you will find fascinating a piece of epic letter-writing. Guaman Poma. Look him up. He is an ancient Andean historian, as it were, who wrote a 1200 page tome to the King of Spain comparing cultures and societies. Very interesting reading, and if you like, you can read an essay I wrote on Poma at my blog, The Deliberate Savant.

  3. Very cool, I like your style. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork posted. I do not paint but have several friends who do. I’ve spent many hours watching artists at work and have a deep appreciation for their process. What a special gift you have!

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